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March 23 2016


Death notices

We at Barbados Obit Moments realize that things become hard when someone close has left us and disappears altogether forever, but things become harder when their memories are also gone.

Death announcements
Cherish your loved ones precious memories by celebrating their funeral with love and gratitude. A Funeral could be the very last celebration of your person’s whole life, make it memorable by remembering their precious memories.

Obit Moments Barbados is an online resource for Death Announcements, Notices, Obituaries, Tributes & Legacies, Obit Moments will be forever changing the best way people access obituaries and memorialize individuals who have been important to them.

Through one centralized web destination, www.obitmoments.com makes obituary and memorial service information easy to get at: search by name, sunrise, sunset plus much more, while creating a safety where families and communities may come together to share their treasured stories of those who have passed plus blog post where anyone can engage and send prayers.

Post a no cost Guest Book note: You and the relatives and friends can honour the one you love with a free guestbook, candle or gift entry.

Affordable and Efficient: There’s hardly a more efficient and affordable strategy to post obituaries and memorials online than obitsmoments.com. It is less than print, stays longer and also has the option of including videos and photographs.

User-Friendly, Free-to-view Website: Our specially-designed, user-friendly, website affords users a very good way of sharing information with people that need to know.

Available Worldwide: Your visitors can visit Obits Moments wherever in the world they may be.

Open One day: Obits Moments is open twenty-four (24) hours per day, every day, our phone number is (246) 248-9911 or email admin@obitmoments.com.

Social: You'll be able to share the event via social networking networks.

Last-minute requests and corrections: We will make on-the-spot corrections and process late requests and updates.

Respect and Dignity: Aware of the nature of our business and also the mood of our clients and visitors, we at Obit Moments ensure it is our first line of duty to provide a place that reflects respect, dignity and caring.

We’re delighted to also have a prayer request service in case you may need it, simply send us your story person or someone you know that needs prayers or any kind of assistance and we’ll post it and share it with others.

If you represent a funeral home, crematorium, charity or grief support organization, partnering will provide you and your clients with a range of benefits, Call us now on (246) 248-9911 today.

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